Information About The Sharjah Publishing Free Zone

Information About The Sharjah Publishing Free Zone


Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) stands as a unique and vibrant hub within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), dedicated to nurturing the literary and creative industries. This specialized free zone is often regarded as a literary oasis, offering an inspiring environment for authors, publishers, and professionals in the world of books and publishing. SPC’s commitment to literature and culture makes it a remarkable destination for those passionate about the written word.

A haven for publishers:

Sharjah publishing free zone welcomes publishing houses with open arms. Whether you specialize in academic, trade, or niche publishing, the free zone provides a nurturing environment for publishers to bring their literary works to life.

Support for authors:

For authors seeking to publish their books, SPC offers a range of services, from editorial and design support to distribution and marketing assistance. Aspiring and established writers can find valuable resources to support their literary journeys.

Literary events and festivals:

SPC actively promotes literary events and festivals, providing a platform for authors to showcase their work and engage with readers. These events contribute to the vibrant cultural scene of the UAE.

Translation and multilingualism:

UAE’s multicultural society emphasizes the importance of multilingualism. SPC recognizes this diversity and encourages translation and language services, enabling literary works to reach broader audiences.

Intellectual property protection:

Protecting intellectual property is fundamental in the world of literature. SPC ensures that authors’ and publishers’ rights are safeguarded, fostering an environment of trust and creativity.

Collaborative opportunities:

The free zone fosters collaboration among authors, publishers, and related professionals. Networking events and collaborative initiatives allow for the exchange of ideas and expertise.

A knowledge hub:

SPC aims to become a knowledge hub, supporting research and educational institutions focused on literature, culture, and the arts.

Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) serves as a literary oasis within the UAE, fostering a creative and supportive environment for those passionate about literature and publishing. It is a place where authors’ dreams take form, where publishers find a welcoming home, and where literary culture thrives. SPC’s commitment to nurturing the literary arts makes it a unique and invaluable destination for those who wish to be part of the world of books and storytelling, contributing to the rich literary tapestry of the UAE and the broader literary world.

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