The 5 Basic Dance Moves


The movement of body in a rhythmic way on a particular music called dance. Generally, there are five basic moves of dance Dubai that are famous around the world. Whether you are a novice or a pro, a few basic steps can help you make an impression and add some flair to your performance. These can also be useful when attending a wedding, prom, or social gathering. There are many ways to execute them so that you can take your pick.

Rhythmic step pattern:

The basic step is a simple, rhythmic step pattern. It can be done by yourself or with a partner. It is a common move in any number of dances. It can be performed in different handholds. It can also be performed slowly or quickly, depending on the music. There are a few variations of this, but the simplest version involves closing the back foot into the fifth position, then brushing the front one out to the side. It is a perfect way to start any dance; the most important thing to remember is to stay on the right foot.


Another basic dance move is the scoot. This is a weighted foot slide. This can be done with both feet on the floor or the leading foot dangling. It is a very fun dance move and easy to master. It can be a pain regarding timing, but it is very effective.

Flap dance:

The flap dance move is similar to the scoot. In this case, the left foot is stretched to the right while the right follows behind. This movement is often seen in the Woah dance. You can also do it with the hips instead of the legs, though there are probably better ideas than this.

Octave- twist:

The sexiest step is probably the octave twist. This is a dance move that is akin to the flap, and it involves a bending knee, as well as sticking out the back. It is a good move while bouncing or making an acrobatic move.


The gimmick is the most acrobatic of the five basic dance moves. It is also the most impressive, as it is used in various dances. The trick is to perform it in a style that fits your personality and style. This is a particularly good move for dancers who like to jump.

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