What Is Google Looker Studio, And How Can You Use It?

What Is Google Looker Studio, And How Can You Use It?


The Google looker studio can be used for reporting and analysis. There are various settings and help options to guide your digital agency in UAE through the process. It also features report galleries, video tutorials, and developer options. You can also manage your Google account. The settings and help section allows you to define your goals for the reports. The next step is to choose the campaigns you want to include in the reports.

Data blending:

Google looker studio has a great feature called data blending. With it, you can combine data from multiple sources to create a table or chart. This new feature also allows you to apply filters to the data to create custom visualizations. Here are some examples of how you can blend data with looker studio.

The first step in data blending is to define a common aspect between the data sources. This will serve as the join key. This can be anything from a user id to a product name or page URL. The most common join key is a date. This will make comparing two different datasets easier and help you identify trends or correlations.

Reporting on paid search performance:

Search Console provides a comprehensive view of organic search keywords. You can analyze keyword distribution and see which keywords are driving traffic. The search engine analytics service also includes insights on the top landing pages and brand vs. non-brand keywords. This data can be downloaded manually or through a connector with looker studio.

After connecting your Google account, you can use looker studio to create and edit reports. It comes with a template that summarizes the performance of your ads on Google. Then, you can segment the results by campaign, keywords, location, audience, and competition. This allows you to reduce the cost of sales and monitor total account spending.

Reporting on paid social campaign metrics out of Google Analytics:

In addition to traditional website metrics, Paid Social campaigns can provide valuable insights into your customer’s behavior. You can create custom reports to track metrics for these campaigns. These reports allow you to look at traffic by source and even segment your traffic by social media. For example, you can see how many people visited your site from a social media site and how many came from your paid channel.

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